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love is red: diXXXie hardcore.

subtitles aren't crucial.

love is red
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what's this? a love is red community?


here's what you should post in here:

love is red pictures
love is red show reviews
love is red news/tourdates
"my band is opening for love is red on ____ at ____. buy tickets from us."
important news about other bands of the same style of music (you know how to make a good judgement call on this... pictures from a with honor show are okay. your review of the latest as i lay dying show, however, nobody gives a fuck about.)
anything related to the love is red side project, traitor

here's what you shouldn't post in here:

surveys, online quizzes, etc
ebay auctions
pictures that have nothing at all to do with love is red
rants about whatever is the new hot discussion in hardcore (i really don't give two shits about how anti-fashion you are)
"check out my new website! we sell clothing/trashy punk porn/custom made pins/belt buckles/etc!"

other than that, have fun.

i'm here until the end

i love my life
and i love my friends